Forest Mushroom Soup, or Zupa Grzybowa

Scott’s Forest Mushroom Soup

Mimi’s Forest Mushroom Soup

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs in Pennsylvania, USA. Scott is now living in Warsaw, Poland. But we still cook together – he’ll be making dinner as he chats to me on the phone or I’ll be baking something (like the coffee cake I made). Then, we had an idea: Why don’t we make the same recipe, together on the phone? It’s the perfect transcontinental date idea.

I ordered a bunch of Polish cookbooks from the library, but my favorite was Wild Honey and Rye by Ren Behan. Scott requested a zupa (to try out his new dutch oven) and we decided on “Forest Mushroom Soup,” or “Zupa Grzybowa,” on page 76.

We made this soup on a Saturday. It was afternoon for me and early evening for Scott. By the time the soup was ready it was an early dinner for me and late dinner for Scott! Make sure you have a good couple hours before you attempt this recipe.

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Vanilla Coffee Cake with Butterscotch-Walnut Filling

I needed a stack of cookbooks to hold for my “professional blog photos” (thanks Mom!). I also needed to find a good first-post recipe. So, I went to my favorite libraries to browse their cookbooks and came home with an armful. (Alright, it was actually several armfuls. I made three trips.) I knew I wanted to bake something, and I was craving a good old-fashioned coffee cake.

I pulled out all the baking cookbooks I’d borrowed and sat on my couch, flipping through the recipes. No coffee cake. I ran my finger down the “C” recipes in the indexes. Isn’t coffee cake a required recipe? (Apparently it is not.) Reluctantly, I picked up Ovenly by Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin (public library // Amazon) – the last in my pile. I had been super excited to find Ovenly on the shelf, but I was “saving it for later.” Later being when I would hypothetically be a better food blogger with good photography skills and killer recipe reviews, obviously. Yet here I was. Well, it turns out Ovenly has a whole chapter for coffee cakes! (And quick breads, but back to coffee cake.) There, on page 43, I found the old-fashion recipe I’d been seeking: “Coffee Cake Base Recipe,” and on page 46 was the accompanying “Coffee Cake Streusel.”

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