The 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show

Two weekends ago, I visited the 2020 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show for opening weekend. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society hosts the Philadelphia Flower Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center every spring. The Flower Show features large scale garden installations by floral and landscape designers, but there is also a competition element, educational presentations/events, and indoor marketplace. It is actually the longest running horticultural event in the US – which is no surprise, given that Philadelphia is America’s Garden Capital! Every year there is a different theme, which the garden installations reflect. (You can see the past themes here!)

This year’s theme was “Riviera Holiday” – think very Mediterranean themed! Everything was so colorful, spiky, and fun. I came back with some inspiration for my own home and garden, which I thought I’d share!

Candle Wall Sconces – Not Just for Candles

My biggest take away from The Flower Show was the use of candle wall sconces as planters. Why didn’t I think of this before?!

I see TONS of wall sconces at the thrift store. While they are beautiful, I always hesitate to get some. I think they are impractical and slightly dangerous. I can’t see myself going around to light them regularly, and I’m nervous about having an open flame that close to my wall or other decor. (I picture scorch marks and accidents.) Using them as a planter is genius! Low maintenance, interesting wall decor that can’t accidentally start a fire.

As you can see from the pictures, you can either place live plants or fresh cut flowers in them. I personally would opt for either live plants or dried flowers, as fresh cut flowers don’t last long. I also think these would be great for outdoor patio decor.

Hanging Plants Inside and Outside

Jumping off the idea of using candle wall sconces as planters, I was also inspired by the use of decorative wrought iron hooks to hang plants from. Again, I see a lot of these in the thrift store but never know exactly what I would do with them.

I always assumed these hooks were just for outside use, but I like the idea of bringing them inside. I think they would be interesting in the kitchen, bedroom, or home office.

Balcony Garden Goals

I currently live in an apartment with a balcony as my only potential outside gardening space. Seeing this installation gave me some major inspiration:

I’m hoping to do some container vegetable gardening this year and get a few flowers, so this balcony installation really got me excited:

Another really awesome idea I saw for a balcony or patio was plants under a wire table. You could also do this inside, provided there is enough light for the plants and you have a tray underneath.

I’ve seen these wire tables in a variety of shapes and styles! Definitely getting one for my balcony this year.

Flowers in Carts

While I don’t have an outside space big enough for a cart, I love these cute little installations to as way to add depth and character to a space. You could also easily translate the idea inside with a bar cart or utility cart.

Did you go to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year? What did you feel most inspired by? Would you try any of these ideas in your home or garden? Let me know in the comments below!

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