Quarantine Reading, or Lack Thereof

Here we are in Quarantine Week 7. How are you holding up? I’m hanging in there, but am definitely looking forward to post-corona. (Whenever that is.) In the meantime, I’m happy to hang out at home. I’ve been baking every weekend – trying new recipes and experimenting with my sourdough starter. I’ve cleaned the bathrooms, kept up on the laundry, and re-organized the kitchen cabinets. I started Zoom yoga, attended a Zoom happy hour, and even had Zoom book club. I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with Scott. I’ve also been surprisingly busy and pretty productive working from home, which is not my preferred workspace. But one thing I haven’t quite managed to accomplish is tackling my To-Read List.

I guess my reaction to pandemic is inability to focus. That’s how I feel at least. Sitting quietly with a book is the last thing I want to be doing. I’d rather be working with my hands, which is why I’ve been baking up a storm. Nonetheless, I am trying forcing myself to get back in the reading state of mind. This past weekend I managed to get several chapters along in The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters. (I started it over a month ago.) Thinking a little nonfiction would also help get me out of my reading rut I downloaded The Likability Trap by Alicia Menendez from Chester County Library’s Libby app. My goal this week was to finish reading those, but I haven’t read the past two nights…so fingers crossed.

How’s your reading in quarantine going? Are you conquering your To-Read List with all this free time, or binging shows instead?How have you been getting your books – Libby? Hoopla? Kindle? Audiobooks? A friend? Your bookshelf? Any good book recommendations? Tell me in the comments!

Shop Small via Bookshop.org: Amazon has declared books “non-essential.” This is sad news for readers who love physical books, especially since our libraries are closed. I recently discovered Bookshop.org through Grace over at The Stripe. By ordering on Bookshop.org you can contribute directly to your favorite local bookstore, who will receive the full profit of your order. I’ve decided to go ahead and become an affiliate of Bookshop.org for all of my cookbook and book links now too because #supportlocal. You can shop my storefront here: bookshop.org/shop/bakingofftheshelf. (If you make a purchase I will make a small commission, which goes towards keeping my blog live!)

Montgomery County Public Library, Pennsylvania Libby Collection

Supporting Your Local Library Digitally During Covid-19

“My library is closed! How will I get books?!”

Here in Montgomery County, PA we are on a 14-day lockdown to stem the spread of Covid-19. Governor Wolf has requested that all non-essential retail and businesses, community centers, and schools close, which includes our public libraries. As an abundance of caution, some libraries in Chester County have also closed, and the Free Library of Philadelphia closed its branches starting March 15 until March 29.

For a lot of us, this time at home means time to catch up on our to-read list! But what if you (or your kids) run out of books to read? What if you didn’t have time to stop by the library before it closed and now you’re stuck with books you already read? What if you don’t like that book you borrowed last week?

I’ve compiled a list of the digital resources from my local Montgomery County library (Royersford Free Public Library, a branch of Norristown Public Library), along with a few from Chester County and the Free Library of Philadelphia, for free access to e-book, audiobooks, and magazines! Using your library’s digital resources is a great way to support your local library during Covid-19. And best of all, these resources are there even when there’s no pandemic! All you need is your library card!

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