Forest Mushroom Soup, or Zupa Grzybowa

Scott’s Forest Mushroom Soup

Mimi’s Forest Mushroom Soup

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs in Pennsylvania, USA. Scott is now living in Warsaw, Poland. But we still cook together – he’ll be making dinner as he chats to me on the phone or I’ll be baking something (like the coffee cake I made). Then, we had an idea: Why don’t we make the same recipe, together on the phone? It’s the perfect transcontinental date idea.

I ordered a bunch of Polish cookbooks from the library, but my favorite was Wild Honey and Rye by Ren Behan. Scott requested a zupa (to try out his new dutch oven) and we decided on “Forest Mushroom Soup,” or “Zupa Grzybowa,” on page 76.

We made this soup on a Saturday. It was afternoon for me and early evening for Scott. By the time the soup was ready it was an early dinner for me and late dinner for Scott! Make sure you have a good couple hours before you attempt this recipe.

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